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    Zan by Pong restaurant

    As we said in one of our previous posts, we love to eat out. Everytime we meet, we look for a good restaurant and go for it. The past weekend we met in Stockholm and, of course, we went to eat out, in this case to a japanese restaurant we didn’t try before. The restaurant The restaurant name is Zan by Pong and it is located in Kista Gallerian, in the north of Stockholm. You can get there using the blue line of the metro (tunnelbana, in Swedish) from the City Centre. To find the nearest metro station, just look…

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    About us

    What do you need to know about us?

    Well, what do you need to know about us? We are a young couple that really loves travelling, visiting and specially eating. This is our new blog where we will share some of our findings along with tips, reflexions or…

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