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Living abroad funny fact #2: Being runned over by a bycicle

Before moving to the country with the highest bikes per person ratio in the world, I heard many, many stories about the amount of riders that use their bikes every day in the Netherlands. At that moment, I didn’t realize the scale. Surfing the Internet, I read that there are (were, in January 2018) 22,5 milion bikes and only 17 milion people! That figures drop a 1,3 bikes/person ratio. Just amazing. The country with the second highest ratio is Denmark with 0,8 bikes per person… If you are curious about other figures regarding Dutch cycling, take a look to this great article:

Now you can imagine how many bikes do you see every day in the Netherlands. And when I say every day, I mean every day. I remember some days in January when it snowed. I thought riders would leave the bike at home at least those days to avoid falling or freezing outside. Nothing further from the truth. Many riders continued moving by bike as nothing had happened.

Anyway, it is amazing to see how the streets have been build in order to keep everybody safe. Pedestrians, bikers, car/bus drivers and trams share the streets and roads in Dutch cities and it is quite awesome to see how everything works.

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