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Living abroad funny fact #1: Lunch/dinner time

Living abroad has many positive (mostly) and negative reactions in your life. You are able to meet new people while you feel far from your family, you can easily learn a new language while you feel sad because you don’t hear any talking in yours…

But no worries, today we aren’t going to talk about those reactions but about a (in our opinion) very funny difference between countries: the lunch/dinner time.

I (Ander) have lived in a few countries during my life and one of the biggest shocks I have ever had is the time at which people have lunch or dinner. When you live in your home country and you are use to your eating culture, you may think that every person in the world has breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time (bearing in mind the time zones, of course!). Then, you realize it isn’t that way.

When I was living in Bilbao, I was used to have lunch at 15:00-15:30 more or less during weekends. Just imagine my face when I saw Swedes having lunch at 11-11:30 am in Stockholm! After living there for more than a year  and even though I tried hardly, I am still unable to eat a big hamburger at 11 am…

Same happens with the dinner. In Spain and Italy, the dining time is around 9-10 pm while in Sweden people started having dinner around 6-7, what is extremely early for a southern European. Luckily, at least in Stockholm is really easy to eat out at almost every time between 11 am and 11 pm, what is amazing.

Take a look at the following article to see the difference in the dinner time within Europe:

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