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As we said in one of our previous posts, we love to eat out. Everytime we meet, we look for a good restaurant and go for it. The past weekend we met in Stockholm and, of course, we went to eat out, in this case to a japanese restaurant we didn’t try before.

The restaurant

The restaurant name is Zan by Pong and it is located in Kista Gallerian, in the north of Stockholm. You can get there using the blue line of the metro (tunnelbana, in Swedish) from the City Centre. To find the nearest metro station, just look for a big ‘T’ in the buildings beside you.

We found the restaurant in The Fork with a great discount (50% in a la carte or 20% in buffet) and, as we were thinking about having some sushi, we went there. If you want to know more about The Fork (the app we usually use for finding discounts in restaurants) take a look to the post we wrote about it.

The food

Once we arrived, we ordered the buffet (as we were quite hungry) and had a sit. The buffet is divided in two:

  1. In one side, you have the normal buffet where you can have some starters along with rice, noodles, chicken, etc with different sauces.
  2. In the other side, you have the running sushi. In this one, you just sit and take sushi from the belt that is running beside you. You just need to check the sushi pieces you want and take them from the belt, without getting up!

Our opinion

Summarizing, the quality of the food was really good, specially for being a buffet. Furthermore, the staff was really nice. If you want a specific sushi or if you have any question, just let them know as they will fix it as soon as possible.

Bearing in mind the price (it was great for being a Saturday evening) and the quality of the food and the helpful staff, we need to recommend the restaurant. If you are visiting Stockholm, it may be a bit far from the city centre, but if you have time and want to enjoy some good food, just give it a try.

Before finishing, please keep in mind that it is a cash-free restaurant, so you will be able to pay by card but no with cash.

The web of Zan by Pong:
Direct link to Zan by Pong page in The Fork:

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